DJ Von Woo was born Vaughn Wooster in San Francisco, CA, 1975.  Since he can remember, he had always been fascinated with turntables, and needle to groove interaction.  He wanted to become a DJ when Hip Hop hit the West coast in 1984.  By 1992 he was able to afford some gear and some records, and he joined a DJ crew (Spinning Sensations/Ultra Soundz Records).  Besides throwing their own parties to rock, they played a lot of weddings, High School dances, and various private and corporate events.  But Von's goal was to DJ the nightclub circuit in SF.

It didn't take long to achieve that goal, as Von started playing in nightclubs before he was old enough to be in them.  At the age of 17, his friends who DJed the premiere 21+ clubs in San Francisco were letting him open for them, and he eventually worked his way up to headlining slots.  He played almost every club San Francisco had to offer between the years of 1994 and 2012, and held residencies at some of the best.  

In 2006, Von had the good fortune of getting connected with the Scratch Academy in NYC, a DJ school founded by Run DMC's DJ, the late Jam Master Jay.  While Scratch didn't have a school in SF, they had lots of work for Von, and quickly expanded his horizons.  Among the many unique gigs they hired him for, one of the most notable was on cruise ships, which he spent the majority of his time on between 2008-2012.  This lead to opportunities to DJ around the world, to more diverse audiences than he'd ever imagined.  Plus he met the love of his life, his wife, on one of those ships.  It was a dream come true. 

Since then he's kept his feet on shore, and stays busy playing a variety of high-end events, private and corporate parties, and lots of weddings.  He currently holds residencies at SF hotspots Mr. Smith's, Del Mar, and Double Dutch.  Check his calendar if you'd like to catch him in action. 

*If you'd like to book or contact DJ Von, please use the "mail" icon on the home page.  Or call/text 415-571-1711.

Here are just a few of the companies he had the pleasure of playing for during this past holiday season...

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