If you're interested in downloading any of these, let me know and I'll send you a direct link to safely download.

Big Day, a brief sample of my range and mixing style at a wedding or corporate dance party.

Wedding Smashers, a brief sample of my wedding mix style. This one contains more mashups and remixes than Big Day.

That 70's Mix. The name says it all. Pure Disco, not rock.

OrJAZZm, one of my favorites. A classy mix of Jazz Fusion and Latin Jazz. Perfect for cocktails. Made in 2008.

Mood Music, a range of beats covering a range of moods. Mostly Deep and Soulful House. Made in 2017.

Shiny Stuff, a mix of Future Funk, Soul, and House. Made in 2016, When I was all about Kaytranada.

Sprockets, Vol. Eine, a fun mix of Indie dance music. Made in 2014

Soiree, a worldly mix of dance music. Made in 2013.

The Deep End. Deep, Funky House music, and a couple of Tech tracks. Made in 2012

My Funnny Valentine, a mix of silly love songs, hilarious movie quotes, and a few special remixes I made that can only be heard here. Made in 2011

Straight Hip-Hop. Made in 2010.

HMU. Deep House. Made in 2010.

One Fine Day, a mix of Downtempo and super chill House. A sonic muscle relaxer. Made in 2009.

Get Acquainted, a mix of Downtempo, Neo-Soul, and RnB. This mix is mellow, with just the right amount of chill. Perfect for when it's time to unwind. Made in 2006.

Fat Cap Rap, Classic Hip-Hop joints. Timeless.

Heartbeats. A mix of Neo-Soul, RnB, and Hip-Hop. A crowd favorite. Made in 2005.

Mellowdrama, My oldest recorded mix. All Deep House, all vinyl. Made in 2003.